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Chris Oram

In 2008 after working on a small horror movie project along with some college projects I joined ZSL Whipsnade Zoo. For years I have been interested in working with animals. As a child I was always watching David Attenborough programmes on tv and he has totally inspired me to do much of the work I now do.

So in 2009 I made my plans that I would one day travel across Africa and experience as much of the continent as I could in every way possible. While making plans I then decided the best way to remember this trip and make it last forever was to film a documentary, least did i know how much it would impact my life, not only the documentary but the entire trip. I then asked my friend Shaun Sullivan to join me on the travels as we crossed through a large portion of east, central, south and western Africa.

Chris Oram

During the time in Africa we filmed wildlife, culture, tribes, amazing landscapes and so much more. Also we were very hands on, staying with locals or basic accommodation. The best way to experience Africa is off the beaten track, and this we did. We also formed a relationship with a volunteer company called Volunteering Solutions who later became a dedicated part of our work. After returning to the UK we began to make plans on how best to show the documentary and began the hard editing procedure. Much of the first parts with the tribes and orphanages now form the Volunteering Solutions special documentaries which can be seen online here. But the rest of the trip to Africa forms a 7 hour long documentary filmed in full HD and edited to a fantastic soundtrack. Narrated by myself and introduced by Bradley Walsh. The premiere for the documentary will follow in 2012 and 2013 in the USA and Africa.

Within only 4 months of returning from Africa we were approached by Volunteering Solutions to film another documentary in India and Nepal mostly focusing on volunteer work within these countries. Most of the filming now forms the volunteer documentaries which can be seen here.

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