The Documentary


    5 Years ago I had a dream, to travel to Africa and experience the wildlife the culture and every aspect of African life. So in September 2010 I travelled to Africa to embark on a massive trip with my friend Shaun Sullivan. Starting in Nairobi in Kenya, I experienced living with a tribe, working in orphanages and schools, working with conservation programs. Seeing the amazing African wilderness, from the savannahs of Tanzania and Kenya, the rainforests of Uganda, and the great dunes of the deserts of Namibia and South Africa and much more. 3 months after arriving in Nairobi, we had clocked up some 3000+ miles on our journey to the south west of Africa, finishing in Cape Town. The entire journey was documented and now you will be able to join me in this amazing journey across Africa, and you can only Imagine what I saw.

  • In the 7 hour long documentary which we filmed in High Definition you will be able to enjoy the different aspects of Africa. I have covered the wildlife in some of Africa‚Äôs most famous national parks. We also have met up with local people and tribes to show you what life is like away from the cities. From good to bad times along the way, we have covered it all in this documentary. Click the more info button to read more about this amazing documentary..